Don’t let this lockdown lock you out of a new job.

Use this time at home to advance your career.

Would you like to learn how to use Robotmaster for FREE? Robotmaster is the largest selling professional, off-line robot programming system used by manufacturing companies, large and small.

If you are an employee, welder, robot integrator, a manufacturing company, university, vocational/technical school, teacher or student, you are eligible to qualify for the free access to all the 80+ step-by-step training videos from Robotmaster Academy*. This special introductory offer will increase your value by learning a skill that few people know while using the most advanced and popular off-line robot programming tools available.

To receive this limited-time offer, you must first complete the registration form and confirm your e-mail (please register with your company or educational institution education email) at www.robotmasteracademy.com. When registered and accepted, you will receive full free access to Robotmaster Academy. Included in this offer is a fully functional version of the Robotmaster V7 Professional Learning System (PLS). Robotmaster V7 PLS lets you learn all aspects of Robotmaster software with the only limitation of not being able to output native robot code.

The best way to demonstrate why Robotmaster dominates the off-line programming market is to learn and use it at Robotmaster Academy. Let Robotmaster Academy position you for career advancement during this crisis.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer until September 30, 2020, register today!

*Robotmaster Academy reserves the right to refuse access to individuals/companies that we deem as unqualified.

Robotmaster Academy is a production of Intercam SA

  ®Robotmaster is a registered trademark of Hypertherm Inc.

© 2018-2020 Robotmaster Academy and Robotmaster V7 Training System are copyrights of Intercam SA.

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