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How to Install Robotmaster Academy PLS

Robotmaster Professional Learning System (PLS)

Volume 1 | Introduction to Robotmaster V7
          1. Introduction to Robotmaster V7 
          2. Contouring Demonstration
          3. Welding Demonstration

Volume 2 | Screen, CAD & Stitching
          1. Importing Files
          2. Files & Configuration

          3. Screen Modes
                    Device Mode? Task Mode? Why?
                    Task Mode Screen
                    Device Mode Screen
          4. CAD Basic Selection
                    Importing CAD Files
                    Exporting CAD Files
                    CAD Elements/Entities
                    3D Navigation
                    Windows Select
                    Selecting Part Pop-up Menus
                    Selecting Part Pop-up in Parts Manager
                    Selecting Faces & Parts
          5. CAD Advanced Selection
                   Advanced Selection – Select
                   Advanced Selection – CAD
                   Selectable / Not Selectables
          6. CAD Hierarchy Simple
                 CAD Hierarchy
                 Importing STEP File & CAD Management
                 Creating & Manipulating Parts
                 Creating & Manipulating Fixtures
                 Creating & Manipulating Groups
           7. CAD Hierarchy Complex
                 CAD Hierarchy
                 Creating & Naming the Part Weld
                 Creating & Naming the Part Seat Frame
                 Creating & Naming the Groups
           8. CAD Stitching

Volume 3 | Frames, Gnomons & Transform
           1. Frames Introduction
                    Planes & Frames
                    World Frame
                    User Frame
                    Tool Frame & TCP Frame
            2. Gnomon
                    Gnomon Snapping
                    Gnomon Attaching
                    Gnomon Details
            3. Transform Example (Part1)
                    Transform Along Axes
                    Transform Along a Plane
                    Transform 3D Move & 2D Rotation
           4. Transform Examples (Part 2)
                    Transform 3D Move & 3D Rotation
                    3D/2D Rotation, Along Axis & Manual Frame entry

Volume 4 | Path Manager
           1. Path Manager
                    Quick Path Creation

Volume 5 | Contouring Parameters
          1. Contouring Edges
                    Edge Contouring Selection
                    Edge Selection Controls
                    Edge Selection Process
          2. Contouring Auto

                    Auto Path Contouring Selection
                    Auto Path Normal
                    Auto Path Swarf
          3. Contouring Swarf
                    Swarf Contouring Selection
                    Swarf path
          4. Contouring Curve
                    Curve Contouring Selection
                    Curve path
         5. Contouring Manual

                    Manual Contouring
                    Linear Extension Mode
                    Bezier Extension Mode
                    Extend at End

                    Snap-To & Follow Edges

                    Project Path on part
                    Max Projection Distance   
          6. Tools-Speeds
                    Tools & Speeds
          7. Path Parameters
                    Maximum Deviation
                    Minimum Segment Length
                    Maximum Angle
                    Lead/lag Angle
                    Side Tilt
                    Arc Moves
                    Motion Optimization
                    Arc Filter
          8. Retract/Approach (Part 1)
                    General Operation
                   Basic Concepts
                   Motion Types
                   Absolute & Incremental
          9. Retract/Approach (Part 2)
                  Feed Height
                  Approach/Retract Height
                  Clearance Height
                  Use only at path Start & End
                  Clearance Methods
                  Method – Along Tool Vector
                  Method – To a specified Point
                  Method – Along Selected Vector
         10. Entry/Exit

                    Entry/Exit Methods
                    Entry/Exit Midpoint
                    Use Entry parameters for Exit
                    Arc Entry/Exit
                    Line and Arc Entry/Exit
                    Tangent Line Entry/Exit
                    Closed Loop Overlap
                    Height Ramp Variable
                    Extend/Shorten Path
          11. Presets
                    Preset Create
                    Preset Manage

Volume 6 | Cycles
          1. Cycles
                    Geometry Prerequisites
                    Matching Tolerance
                    Single Point/Vector pair selection
                    Add ALL point+vector pairs
                    Hole Selection without Point/Vector pair
                    Window Selection of holes without Point/Vector pair
                    Drill/Cycle path optimization

Volume 7 | Welding
         1. Welding Example
         2. Welding Controls

                    Selection Filter Controls
                    Tool/Wire Orientation
                    Chain Tangent Edges
                    Flip Vectors
                    Obstacle Detection
                    Rolling Ball
                    Body Contact
                    Contact Distance & Contact Angle
                    Everything can be changed!
         3. Techniques/Methods
                   Welding Methods
                   Auto Join
                   Corner Stop
                   Start/End Conditions

          4. Nozzle/Wire Speed
                   Nozzle/Wire & Speeds
          5. Path Parameters
                   Maximum Deviation
                   Minimum Segment Length
                   Maximum Angle
                   Lead/lag Angle
                   Side Tilt
                   Arc Moves
                   Motion Optimization
                   Arc Filter
        6.1 Welding Parameters Retract Heights
        6.1.1 Retract/Approach (Part 1)

                   General Operation
                   Basic Concepts
                   Motion Types
                   Absolute & Incremental
        6.1.2 Retract/Approach (Part 2)
                   Feed Height
                   Approach/Retract Height
                    Clearance Height
                    Use only at path Start & End
                    Clearance Methods
                    Method – Along Tool Vector
                    Method – To a specified Point
                    Method – Along Selected Vector
        7. Entry/Exit
                    You normally do not used Entries/Exits in Welding. If for
                    some reason you do, please refer to the 5_9_Entry / Exit                                      Contouring Volume
          8. Presets
                    Creating/Saving Presets
                    Using Presets
                    Modifying Presets
                    Reordering/Deleting Presets
         9. Touch Sensing Example
                   Touch Sensing General Principles
                   Creating a Touch Sensing Routine
                   Creating a Weld
         10. Touch Sensing Details
                  Touch Sensing Selection
                  Path Type
                  Constrain to Plane
                  Gun Orientation – Same as Touch Direction
                  Gun Orientation – Average
                  Gun Orientation – Perpendicular
                  Gun Orientation – Manual
                  Gun Orientation – Fast Select & Shift
                  Gun Orientation – Same as Previous Touch
                  General Principles
                  Creating a Touch Sensing Routine
                  Creating a Weld
         11. Copying Welds & Associated Touch Sensing
                  Copying Touch Sensing & Welds
         12. Welding with Touch Sensing (V7.1 legacy)
                 Touches ON/OFF
                 Touch Orientaton – Same as Touch Direction
                 Same as Touch Direction
                 Same as Previous
                 Creating a Weld with Touch Sensing
         13. Advanced Touch Sensing
                 Advanced Touch Sensing
         14. Complex MultiPass Welds
                Separating Path in an Operation
                Extracting Paths
                Entering Event Commands
         14.1 Test Complex MultiPass Welds

Volume 8 | Path & Cycle Editing 
         1. Graphics Screen Edit – Part 1

                   Path Length Editing
                   Path Tilt & Lead/Lag
                   Path Tilt Editing Between Vectors
                   Path Tilt on Separate Vectors
         2. Graphics Screen Edit – Part 2

                   Path Tilt to point 
                   Path Tilt to Line/Edge
                   Path Tilt to Vector
                   Path Tilt Interpolation
         3. Graphics Screen Edit – Part 3
                  Invert Path Direction – Single Path
                  Path Direction – Multiple Paths
                  Path Splits
                  Path Close
                  Manipulating Start/End Points
                  Remove History
         4. Graphics Screen Edit – Part 4
                  Straightening Paths
                  Push/Pull Path Sections
         5. Graphics Screen Edit – Part 5
                   Editing Path Extremities

                   Linear Extension Mode
                   Bezier Extension Mode
                   Snap to & Follow Edges
                   Project on Part
                   Max Projection Distance
         6. Path Manager Edit – Part 1

                   Path Editing in Path Manager
                   Path Selection in Path Manager
                   Transform Move
                   Transform Rotate
                   Transform Scale
                   Transform Offset
         7. Path Manager Edit – Part 2

                   Path Order – Manual
                   Join Paths
                   Extract Paths
                   Order Paths – Automatic
         8. Editing Paths from Bad Geometry – Part 1
                   Correcting paths from Bad Geometry
         9. Editing Paths from Bad Geometry – Part 2
                   Correcting paths from Bad Geometry
         10. Editing Paths in the Task Operations Manager
                  Editing Paths in the Task Operations Manager

Volume 9 | Importing CAD & NC
          1. Importing STP, NC & APT

Volume 10 | Device Operation Manager
          1. Device Manager – Assigning Robot Operations
                  Device Mode
                  Assigning a Robot
                  The Icons above
                  Creating a Setup
                  Assigning Operations
                  Cell Management
                  Cell Settings
          2. Device Manager – Setups
                  Setup Definitions
                 Adding a Program
                 Changing Names
          3. Device Manager – Manipulators (Robot & External Axes)

Volume 11 | Optimization & Axis Configuration
          1. Axis Configuration
                    Axis Configuration Explanation
                    Axis Configuration Functions
                    Spherical Interpolation
                    Profile Tracking
                    Tool orientation
                    Rotation/No Rotation
                    Profile Tracking
                    Zig-Zag Control
                    Zig/Zag Control Technical Detail
          2. Optimization
                    Optimization Description
                    Optimization Maps
                    Modifying the Optimization Contour
                    Simulation of Optimization
          3. Optimization with Path Planning
                    Optimization Paths – Robots are dynamic
                    Optimization Path Planning
          4. Optimization using Advanced Maps

                    Advanced Maps
                    Accessing Advanced Maps
          5. Optimization using Advanced Layers
          6. Optimization using Criteria

Volume 12 | Transitions
          1. Robot Motion Types
                    Robot Motion Commands
                    Joint Move
                    Joint Move in Joint Space
                    Joint move in Cartesian Space
                    Linear Cartesian Move
                    3D Arc Cartesian
          2. Manual Transitions
                    Manual Transition
                    Design & Simulation Mode
                    Transition Point Icons
                    Editing a Manual Transition
                    Manual  Transition Points are fixed!
          3. Graphical Transitions
                    Graphical Transitions
                    Transition Motion Types
                    Creating a Graphical Transition
                    Editing a Graphical Transition
                    The “Shape Shifter” Vector
                    Home Transitions

Volume 13 | Recipe
          1. Recipe
                    Why recipes
                    Create a Recipe
                    Import a Recipe

Volume 14 | Device Operation Icons
          1. Device Manager Icons
                    Reference Icon
                    Transition Icon
                    Processor icon
                    Time Icon
                    Generate Code Icon
                    Calculate Icon
          2. Transitions
                    Transition Point List

Volume 15 | Point List
          1. Point List Task Mode
          2. Point List Device Mode

Volume 16 | Joint List
                     Joint List

Volume 17 | TCP & TCP Manager
          1. TCP manager
          2. TCP Calculation – Automatic
          3. TCP Calculation – Manual

Volume 18 | Tools & Tool Manager
          1. Tool Manager
                    Accessing the Tool Manager
                    Selecting a Tool
                    Creating a New Tool
                    Load/Save Tool Libraries
          2. Creating a Milling Tool & Holder
                    Creating a Milling Tool
          3. Creating a Welding Tool
                     Creating a Welding Tool
                     Creating a Welding Nozzle
                     Manually Adjusting the TCP
          4. Creating a Cutting Tool
                     Creating a Cutting Tool
                     Creating a Cutting Nozzle
                     Manually Adjusting the TCP

Volume 19 | Collision Control
          1. Collision Control
                   General Description of Collision Control
                   Creating a Collision Group
                   Creating a Second Collision Group

Volume 20 | Rotaries
          1. Rotary Positioner – Indexing mode
                    Rotary Positioners
                    Manipulator Defaults
                    Manipulator Overrides
                    Index Only
          2. Rotary Positioner – Full Rotary and Combine mode
                    Full Rotary
                    Combined Rotary

Volume 21 | Linear Axes – Rails
          1. Linear Axes
                    Fixed Position
                    Fixed Middle Position
                    Fixed Start Position
                    Variable with Optimization

Volume 22 | Surface Paths
          1. Surface Paths Quick Start
                    Creating a Surface Path
          2. Surface Paths Functions (Sanding example)
                   Surface Path Parameters
                   Tool Placement
                   Tool Limits
          3. Surface Paths Polishing & Grinding                    
                   Surface Path Parameters Polishing & Grinding

          4. Morph
          5. Surface Paths Advanced Features

Volume 23 | additive Material
          1. Additive Material

Volume 24 | Spraying
          1. Spraying
                   Spraying Basics
                   Clear Paint
                   Show Mesh & Triangle Size
                   Simulation Accuracy
                   Refinement Margin
                   When Simulation is really slow

Volume Cell & Tooling Creator
                   Creating a Basic Cell (Part 1)
                   Creating a Basic Cell (Part 2)
                   Creating a Basic Cell (Part 3) – Collision Control
                   Creating a RTCP Trimming Cell
                   Creating a Single Axis Horizontal Rotary Component
                   Creating a Single Axis Vertical Rotary Component
                    Creating a 2 Axis Rotary Component
                    Creating a Linear Axis Component
                    Creating a 2 Axis Gantry Component
                    Creating a 2 Axis Gantry Cell
                    Tooling Plasma Cutter
                    Tooling Spindle
                    Tooling Welding Torch
                    Tooling Welding Torch No Nozzle

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