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Welcome to Robotmaster V7 Academy!

Robotmaster V7 Academy offers 24/7 on-line training to users who wish to learn at their own pace and when precious time is available.

From first time users who wish to test Robotmaster Demo, new clients who wish to learn Robotmaster independently at lower costs, or experienced users who desire to upgrade their knowledge of Robotmaster, Robotmaster Academy is the best educational solution available in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Review the structure of the Robotmaster Academy learning experience and the contents of the more than 56 videos that have been specifically created so you may learn how to use the powerful functions of Robotmaster in the most efficient manner possible.

Anyone, without registering, can view 3 videos, Introduction to Robotmaster V7, Robotmaster Contouring and Robotmaster Welding. If you would like to trial test the Robotmaster Academy training videos, please register for our FREE PLAN and you will receive full free access to the first 8 training videos.

There are four free e-books that tell the story of robots from their origin, their characteristics and the main types of industrial robots. Available for download.

Robotmaster Academy is a production of Intercam SA

  ®Robotmaster is a registered trademark of Hypertherm Inc.

© 2018 Robotmaster Academy and Robotmaster V7 Training System are copyrights of Intercam SA.

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